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LIFE STOPVESPA selected for the European Bee Award 2020 for innovative solutions

LIFE STOPVESPA selected for the European Bee Award 2020 for innovative solutions

The LIFE STOPVESPA project (, managed from 2015 to 2019 by the Department of Agricultural, Forest and Food Science of the University of Turin for containing the spread of the Asian yellow-legged hornet Vespa velutina, has been selected, at the European level, as the best project able to develop innovative technological solutions for the protection of bees and pollinators, in the framework of the European Bee Award 2020”.

The award has been achieved thanks to the capabilities of developing an entomological harmonic radar for tracking the flight of the hornets and detect the position of their colonies.  

We are honored to have conferred the European Bee Award in recognition of the work done with the LIFE STOPVESPA Project” the words of the Project Leader Marco Porporato. “I am speaking in the plural because it is true that a few people conceived the project, but the realization was possible thanks to the convinced participation of all the partners: the Polytechnic of Turin, the Piedmont Beekeepers Association (Aspromiele), and the Apiary of the Benedictine Abbey at Finalpia on the Ligurian coast”.

Moreover, LIFE STOPVESPA has demonstrated how the collaboration between several stakeholders, such as the beekeepers, the beekeeper associations, the civil defence teams, the firefighters, and the many volunteers involved in project activities, is essential for achieving the planned objectives, such as the establishment of a wide monitoring network and a control strategy for the Asian yellow-legged hornet Vespa velutina in Italy.




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