LIFE for the BEES

The fight against the Asian predator arrived from Asia

A LIFE STOPVESPA YouTube channel is now available, in which you can see the documentary “LIFE for the bees”. This movie describes the field activities carried out by the project to tackle the spread of the Asian yellow-legged hornet Vespa velutina.

The documentary, directed by Luigi Cammarota, allows to improve the knowledge related to the biology and the spread modalities of Vespa velutina, beside to highlight the importance of the involvement of citizens and beekeepers for an integrated management of this invasive alien species. Tales and experiences of the people that have been involved in field activities are used to describe the evolution in Liguria as well as the developed cooperation network, which is the pivotal point for the control strategy (Early Warning and Rapid Response System).

In addition to the Italian and English versions of the documentary, two short videoclips are available. These short videos describe two important aspects of the LIFE STOPVESPA Project: the monitoring activity and the use the entomologic harmonic radar for the detection of Vespa velutina nests.

Click here to go to the LIFE STOPVESPA YouTube channel


LIFE for the BEES

The fight against the Asian predator arrived from Asia


DVD LIFE for the BEES - English (Duration 41:31)

Videoclip "The Harmonic Radar" - English (Duration 02:30)

Videoclip "Monitoring Methods" - English (Duration 02:30)

Trailer of the DVD LIFE for the BEES - English (Duration 02:13)


DVD LIFE for the BEES - Italian (Duration 41:31)

Videoclip "Il Radar Entomologico" - Italian (Duration 02:30)

Videoclip "Monitoraggio" - Italian (Duration 02:31)

Trailer of the DVD LIFE for the BEES - Italian (Duration 02:13)

Other videoclips on LIFE STOPVESPA activities

Imperia TV - 18 settembre 2017: Nido di Vespa velutina eliminato ad Imperia

Imperia TV - 18 agosto 2017: Trovato pericoloso nido di Vespa velutina a Imperia Porto Maurizio



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