LIFE is the main financial instrument in support to the environmental and climate policy of the European Union, established since 1992. Through the LIFE programmes, projects to safeguard the environment and on climate actions are co-financed.

LIFE 2014-2020 is the new financial instrument contributing to the implementation and development of the Community policy in the field of environment and climate action. The main purpose of the new programme is to provide specific support at the Community level for measures and projects with European added value for the implementation, updating and development of EU environmental and climate policy and legislation.

The Life Programme 2014-2020 is divided into two general sub-programmes, further divided into priority areas:

1. The sub-programme for Environment

1.1 Environment and Resource Efficiency

1.2 Nature and Biodiversity

1.3 Environmental Governance and Information


2. The sub-programme for Climate Action

2.1 Climate Change Mitigation

2.2 Climate Change Adaptation

2.3 Climate Governance and Information

Life 2014-20120 "Nature and biodiversity" has the objective of protecting and conserving natural habitats and species of Community interest in the European Union, in order to decrease the loss of biodiversity. The projects are divided into two categories: "Life Nature" and "Life Biodiversity." The latter also provides the possibility of funding projects regarding Invasive Alien Species, such as the case of the Yellow-legged hornet.

For more information visit the LIFE Programme website.

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